“No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

- David Attenborough

At Bee in the Woods Kindergarten we are committed to sustainability.

Our respect for the planet is reflected in our vision and considered in our daily decision-making. Our ethos captures the wild at heart, fostering a love for the natural world and nurturing the next generation of conservationists.  

From the books that we read and the philosophical questions we ask, to the materials we use and the activities we provide... respect and care for our environment is embedded in every decision we make.

We are outdoors all day every day, living the seasons and experiencing the rhythms of natural world.

In the garden, we grow our own fruit and vegetables to harvest and cook over the campfire. From seed to plate - children learn about food, healthy eating and the link between our food and our environment.

We offer priority spaces to families living within walking/cycling distance to the Kindergarten and we encourage all families and staff to travel sustainably to the woods.