Magic Spots

Magic Spots - awakening our senses in wild places.

Can you spot Elliot's 'I love you' heart?

At Bee in the Woods, we love magical wild places. One of our favourite activities to do with school groups at Forest School is called ‘Magic Spots’. To begin, the children all head off to find their own space to sit. We shut our eyes and start to imagine the cars and houses and roads have melted away...

Then we listen. We hear the leaves rustling in the breeze and our own breathing begins to slow. We might hear birds calling and singing or a delicate snapping of a twig somewhere in the woods.

Next we feel. We feel the sun warming our skin, the wind cooling our faces and leaf litter crunching between our fingers.
Now we smell and we notice the scent of damp soil or fresh pine.

Only then do we use our eyes and we see things we have never noticed before and the woodland really comes alive! Children notice magical things. The things that adults miss. Like leaves shining in the morning sun and creating a green ‘I love you’ shaped window into the woodland.

And then the questions come! What is the wind? Where does it come from? Why can’t we see it? Why do birds sing? Where are all the animals? Why is their no grass under the trees...? 

As leaders, we love ‘Magic Spots’

...and so do the children. They tune in to their environment while the teachers visibly relax. It is a fantastic starting point for our session and works with all ages. Children ask amazing questions, which we can uncover the answers to, without them even realising they’re learning (and teachers can tick off those objectives on the Programme of Study!) With our mind tuned in to the woods, we might now share a story, write poetry, create art, start a science workshop, learn about habitats or just write whatever we feel… the possibilities are endless. The benefits of learning outside!

These ‘Magic Spots’ can be found all over the city. Have you got one? If not, why not go out and find one. It’s good for the soul!

Bee in the Woods delivers Forest School and Outdoor Learning for Schools, Nurseries and Families across Brighton and Hove.  If you are interested in taking your group outdoors contact

Bee Wild

Bee Wild Holiday camp, Brighton, Hove, Portslade

Bee Wild -Summer Holiday camp for 7-12 year olds

Our New BEE WILD Holiday Club at Bee-autiful Foredown Woods

We have been such busy Bees at BitW HQ this school year.  Simone, Lorraine, Jess and Chloe came on board, we are running four forest school sessions each week in term time, from 2 sites, and delivering sessions in two nurseries; we also have a whole host of exciting adventures up our sleevies ready for next term (subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the new news as it happens).

But one of the most exciting, much requested and hotly anticipated new things is our forest school holiday club for bigger Bees!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering two holiday clubs this summer for children aged 7-12.

Our Foredown Woods site is our really wild site, and holds a fire license; so if your bigger kid enjoys nature, woodcraft, dens, wild cooking and generally mucking about in the woods, this is a fabulous opportunity to get some outdoorsiness into them this summer.

Drop off is at 10am at Foredown Allotments, Thornbush Crescent, Portslade, BN41 2GW 

Activities: Den building, survival skills, tool-use, natural crafts, bows and arrows, wands, potions, firecraft, wildlife, pond dipping, team games, camp cooking and much, much more.

  • Please provide suncream/appropriate weather clothes and a packed lunch

  • Pick up is at 3pm sharp from camp

  • Suitable For: 7-12 year olds

  • Dates: Wednesday 23 and Wednesday 30 August

  • Times: 10-3pm

  • Cost: Early bird tickets £28 until 15th July, £30 after.  Sibling discount available.

  • Please note that places are strictly limited.  Early booking is essential for Bee Wild

Book a place on 23 August Bee Wild Holiday Camp

Book a place on the 30 August Bee Wild Holiday Camp

Or you can see all available sessions, including our much loved Family Forest School sessions, suitable for children of all ages and their families, on our  'What's On' page

Storytelling around a campfire and kettle

The Penguin, The Elves and The Goonies…

Once….Not Twice. Not three times, But Once….upon a time, on a cold and drizzly January day deep in the dank Sussex woodland, 30 Forest School Practitioners gathered around a fire to hone their storytelling skills!

I was lucky to join my Forest School friends for a Storytelling day this week, hosted by Jon Cree and Circle of Life Rediscovery. There is something deeply primal and comforting about sitting around a cracking fire hearing old tales – and making up new ones. An ancient pass time that we’ve lost along the way somehow – like playing outdoors from sun up to sun down!

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Our Favourite Trees

The things we love about trees - the Bouncy tree (Cedar) - Stanmer Park, Brighton, East Sussex UK

Celebrating trees.

It's National Tree Dressing day this week and as a result, I've been thinking about our favourite trees.
Do you have a favourite tree and what does it mean to you? 
I have lots of favourite trees. The amazing old Oaks and Chestnuts in woodlands I have worked in, the big Beeches at Three Cornered Copse, the huge gnarley Sycamore tree in Hove park...I love all of these trees. They're beautiful landmarks, ecologically important and full of history. I like to point them out to my oldest son, who's 5.
...He usually replies 'meh'. 

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Back to School for Lucy…

I started my new school this week. It’s not quite like the other schools I’ve been to though. This is the School of Social Entrepreneurs…and it’s almost as magical as Hogwarts!

School for social entrepreneurs logoLast year I thought I’d take a chance and apply for the fantastic Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme. After a weighty application pack, two nerve wracking Dragons Den-style pitches and an interview – I was overjoyed to secure a place for Bee in the Woods on the programme!

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Mindfulness in Nature Activity with Children

Mindfulness, children and forest school - a picture of sun shing through the leaves of a chestnut tree

Mindfulness and Forest School

Mindfulness and Forest School are happy partners. Not in the cross-legged, silent way you might associate with meditation, but in the way that being mindful of the sensory experience’s outdoors helps us to let go of worries, anxieties, stress and enjoy the moment – in nature.

Many people reading this will have at least one cherished memory of playing in a wild space. Remember the excitement of building a den from sticks; the concentrated effort of mixing up mud pies; the fear and fascination of discovering a world of creepy crawlies under a rock; the nervous determination to climb up to that higher branch of the big tree; the sweet smell of summer grasses or the fun of chasing your friends around the trees.

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