"Let nature be your teacher" - William Wordsworth

Bee in the Woods offers a range of Forest School projects depending on the age group. The minimum length of a Forest School project is usually 6 sessions (ie. 6 weeks) to enable to participants to build upon and revisit skills and learning. 

We are able to tailor Forest School projects to your group’s needs and will work with you to ensure that the group are well prepared for their woodland experience. We have sites which we use, however, we may also be able to offer projects on your site if there is suitable woodland space there, please contact us to discuss. We recommend that the group attend a full day session (10am - 2pm) and the group size to be up to 15 children to facilitate deeper learning.

Forest School and the Curriculum

Forest School links into most areas of the EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 curriculum. Many teachers have commented that Forest School sessions can really help to bring the curriculum to life.

Sessions are designed to meet the needs of visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reflective learners as practitioners are trained in how to meet various learning needs and are encouraged to link sessions to the curriculum.

What happens at Forest School?

A simple answer to this would be anything and everything!  From hunting dragons, to telling stories, learning survival skills and exploring the natural world.  Activities could include;

  • Shelter building
  • Risk taking and confidence-building adventure
  • Bug hunts and wildlife discovery
  • Creative natural art and sculpture
  • Storytelling
  • Basic Woodcraft Skills
  • Foraging for wild foods
  • Team-building and problem solving activities
  • Games and trails
  • Free play and reflective time outdoors

For more information and prices, please contact us