Muddy Mamas

Muddy Mamas - Twilight camp

This summer is such a special one for us here at Bee in the Woods, for many reasons. 

Our youngest is off to big school in September so we’re savouring those last moments of him being really ‘little’ and dependent on us.  We know that his confidence will trot away with him and he’ll make more of his own connections and friends away from us.  He’s ready and looking forward to it. 

This new chapter brings changes for the whole family and especially for me as a working mum.

While I won’t be weeping at the school gates (who am I kidding – I’ll be sobbing!), it has made me reflect on motherhood.  The highs, the lows, the changes.  And especially the fact that it simply moves forward, irrespective of our readiness for the next stage.

The idea for Muddy Mamas has been a long time in the great Bee in the Woods ideas pipeline; but this feeling of time slipping by, along with your reviews (where so many of you told us how valuable your time at Bee in the Woods is to you, too); prompted us to get our first Muddy Mama’s session into the calendar.

As forest school practitioners and mothers, the Bee in the Woods team all recognise the value of getting out into the woods and away from wifi and TV and the speed of life; to wriggle our toes in the grass and whittle a stick or two.

For lots of us, as our children grow up and move on, and we refocus on work, or full-time work; we can lose connections with our ‘mummy’ (and daddy), friends.  Having babies and preschoolers is HARD, and being at home with them can be isolating. The clubs and groups that we build, whether in formal settings like classes and groups or those that we fall into, in our local parks and libraries, are a lifeline.  When things change, those relationships need to change too.  Some will fall by the wayside, and lots will evolve.  I’m hoping I can evolve mine.

We all know too, how easy it is to simply focus only on our kids, and find ourselves without networks of our own.  To find our own relationships have hollowed or neglected over time.  Its normal.

So, Muddy Mamas came from that too.  From the need to start to think about ourselves.  From our need to nurture our existing relationships and those we have made through the journey of motherhood.

We hope that it will become something that we can do regularly, maybe monthly, with big groups of welcoming women, to support one another and nurture and build and protect those relationships.

We’re not the only ones waving our little boys off in September.  We said goodbye to lots of our regulars last week, as they ready themselves for school and new things, but we’re very much hoping that we will see those children at our ‘Outdoor Learning for Schools’ days and the ‘Bee Wild’ holiday clubs.

It would be wonderful to see you mamas too.

Muddy Mamas is a twilight session of fireside creativity, natural crafting (how many of you have been itching to get involved in a dreamcatcher or some wooden beading), potion making (think beeswax handcream), camp cookery and elderflower fizz.  Come.  Invite your NCT group, your old or new workmates, your sister, the woman you like at your child’s music club, or just your good old Bee in the Woods mates, and get a grown-up nature fix to get you through the holidays and ready for everything September sends.

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Wednesday 23 August, from 6.30 – 8.30, £15 including fizz and nibbles


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